Broco, Inc.® and Rankin Industries, Inc.® Celebrate Milestone Anniversaries in 2018!


    Broco, Inc.® and Rankin Industries, Inc.® proudly celebrate milestone anniversaries in 2018. Broco marks 50 years of leadership and innovation in the underwater, tactical and industrial cutting and welding industries. Rankin celebrates 80 years of design and formulation of superior buildup and hardfacing products for maintenance and repair industries worldwide.

    Mr. Ferry continued, “On behalf of all of us at Broco Rankin, I would like to express our gratitude – we could not achieve any of these milestones without the loyal support of our customers, dealers and distributors. Our mission is to inspire change in ourselves and the world with high quality products and solutions for our customers.”    Read more...


    Broco, Inc. and Rankin Industries, Inc. continue a tradition of innovation with the JIMMY Tactical Pry Tool!

    “I had to get into a safe today on a search warrant.  Using the Broco Jimmy I was able to pop the back hinges almost immediately and with very little effort.  I love this thing! It's gone back on my MOLLE for the next time I need it.”

    Detective C. S.
    Missouri Law Enforcement

    · Heat-treated hardened steel, 10.5" long with a 5/8" wide angled tip
    ·  Less than 1/2 lb. yet able to withstand more than 400 lbs. of force without the handle bending or breaking
    · Used to pry interior doors, force window and transoms, lift flanges, break glass and punch holes 
    · A personal tactical pry bar easily stored in a Molle


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  • Broco® Underwater's patented products and proprietary formulas make underwater cutting and welding jobs safer, faster and more economical. Broco® sets the world standard in underwater welding, exothermic cutting products and customer service.

  • Since the 1980s, Broco has been supplying exothermic cutting torch systems to the U.S. Army for rescue, repair and recovery. With advancements and diversification over the years, Broco Military & Tactical now provides rescue, repair, and breaching/forced entry products to the U.S. Army and its Special Forces, combat engineers and armor units, the U.S. Marine Corp, the U.S. Navy, and military and law enforcement tactical teams around the world, including organizations in the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Pacific Rim.

  • Broco® Industrial cutting products include Exothermic Torch Systems and cutting rods. Broco® systems are designed for rugged use in adverse environments, as well as everyday industrial jobs. Broco exothermic cutting products are used by professionals around the world to cut, pierce, and gouge almost any material.

  • Rankin® Automation develops, manufactures, and distributes automated hardfacing systems that provide extraordinary efficiency in making uniform tungsten carbide deposits for extreme wear resistance and hardfacing applications. The Rankin Automation line includes welding automation machines ranging from portable to heavy duty, as well as single weld head to multiple weld head systems for automated application of hardfacing. Rankin Automation also offers the capabilities to manufacture custom welding machines. Products are made in the U.S.A.

  • If you're in the drilling industry, you need to know Rankin. With decades of experience in the petrochemical field, Rankin experts design, formulate, and manufacture hardfacing wires specially designed to improve downhole performance. Let us work with you to extend downhole operating time, and combat wear and abrasion -- saving maintenance and service time, and preventing critical wear.

  • The Protective Metal Alloys™ division of Rankin Industries™ produces a range of specialty alloy and wear-resistant products including hardfacing alloys, and a selection of specialty brazing preforms, and build-up and overlay products, and dental alloys. The division serves a wide range of industries, from petrochemical and power generation to tool & die, rubber, mining and many more, with more than 275 products and industrial alloys from aluminum to zirconium.

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