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Broco® Underwater
Exothermic Cutting Rod PLUS

Broco® Underwater announces the latest advancement in underwater cutting - the new advanced design Broco Underwater Exothermic Cutting Rod PLUS.

  • This new patent-pending cutting rod delivers 20% more cutting and burn time for a 3/8 inch diameter by 18 inch long rod than the same size standard Broco underwater cutting rod.   
  • The rods burn more evenly than other rods on the market
  • The extra seconds allow for longer burn time and more cutting 
  • The longer burn time means less rod changes 
  • The Broco Exothermic Cutting Rod PLUS  delivers more Broco quality, increased performance, and value to our customers 

Broco Underwater Exothermic Cutting Rod PLUS  rods are available in 3/8 inch diameter by 18 inch length, and in 3/8 inch diameter by 36 inch length.  

Call the Broco Sales and Customer Relations team at (800) 845-7259 for questions and more information or feel free to email us at  

► Learn about the BR-22 PLUS cutting torch featuring 21 design upgrades!



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