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Meet The Band-It by Rankin Automation at OTC in Houston, TX

ONTARIO, California (April 10, 2018) – The Band-It™ is Rankin® Automation’s new, more efficient, less expensive hardbander for the oil drilling industry.  It will be on display at booth #11013 at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), April 30 – May 3, in Houston, Texas, at NRG Park. The Band-It makes hardbanding easier, faster, and less expensive than other hardbanding systems.  With an entry level price of only $49,000, it costs far less than traditional, full-size hardbanders, and it produces the same high quality, repeatable welds, again and again.  


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Technical Service Bulletin

The following is a Technical Service Bulletin from Broco Rankin regarding the BR-22 PLUS underwater cutting torch.  This bulletin was issued on March 14, 2018.  Please call 909.483.3222 if there are any questions regarding the bulletin.


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Broco Rankin Acquires Chamberlain Security

ONTARIO, CA (February 26, 2018) - Broco Rankin is pleased to announce the acquisition of long-time client Chamberlain Security, effective December 31, 2017.  Founded in the early 1970's, Chamberlain Security is a manufacturer of high security components designed to protect the contents of safes, filing cabinets and ATMs. 


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Broco® Underwater Cutting and Welding Spare Parts


Please note: Replacement parts for the BR-22 PLUS and BR-22 Cutting Torches are different; they are not interchangeable.  Please refer to the spare parts lists below when ordering replacement parts, and call us at (800) 845-7259 or (909) 483-3222 if you have any questions.


BR-22 PLUS Spare Parts List
Product No. Description
UWBR22RCSK  Complete Spare Parts Kit for BR-22 PLUS
UWBR22A01 Replacement Handle Set w/Screw, Nuts, O-Ring
UWBR22A03 Torch Head and Cable Assembly
UWBR22A04 Collet Nut   
UWBR22A05 Flash Arrestor
UWBR22A06 Check Valve Assembly
UWBR22A07 Coupler Hose Assembly
UWBR22A08 Control Valve Assembly
UWBR22A09 Valve Letter Set w/Screw & Nut
UWBR22N014 Dash 014 Neoprene O-Ring Collet to Head Seal
UWBR22N123 Dash 123 Neoprene O-Ring Nut to Handle Seal
UWBR22R02K Replacement Handle Set w/Nuts
UWBR22ROSK Replacement O-Ring Set
UWBR22W38 Silicone Rubber Collet Washer for 3/8" Collet
UWBR22W14 Silicone Rubber Collet Washer for 1/4" Collet
UWBR22W516 Silicone Rubber Collet Washer for 5/16" Collet 
UWBR22W00 Silicone Rubber Collet Washer for Welding Collets
UWBR22C38K 3/8" UW Collet Kit w/O-Ring & Washers
UWBR22C14K 1/4" UW Collet Kit w/O-Ring & Washers
UWBR22C516K 5/16" UW Collet Kit w/O-Ring & Washers
UWBR22C18K 1/8" UW Collet Kit w/O-Ring & Washers
UWBR22C532K 5/32" UW Collet Kit w/O-Ring & Washers
UWBR22C316K 3/16" UW Collet Kit w/O-Ring & Washers

BR-22 Spare Parts List
Product No. Description
SPK-C Complete Spare Parts Kit for BR-22                            
SPK-M  Mini Spare Parts Kit for BR-22
UW101/102 Handle Set, Left & Right
UW103/112 Torch Head & Cable Assembly
UW104 Collet Nut
UW105 Neoprene Compression Washer
UW107 Flash Arrestor
UW108 Monel Flash Arrestor Screen
UW109 Lever
UW110 Valve Stem w/O-Ring
UW111 Coupler Assembly
UW113 Control Valve Body
UW114 Valve Stem Spring
UW115 Control Valve Nut
UW116 Valve Stem O-Ring
UW117 Neoprene Valve Stem Washer
UW118 Valve Nut Gasket
UW119/120 Brass Screw & Locknut
UW121/122 Nylon Screws & Nuts, four each
UW123 Collet Washer
UW7A Control Valve Assembly

BR-20 Spare Parts
Product No. Description
242 Stinger Head Assembly                                                
240 Orange Handle
158  Handle Screws
234  Pressure Pin
243 Brass Body and Cable Assembly


BR-21 Spare Parts
Product No. Description
210 BR-21 Cap Assembly                                                   
241 O-Ring, size 116
2105 Spacer Ring
211 Diaphragm Assembly                    


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