Broco Ultimate Breacher Tool (UBT) with super strong AR500 steel pry head - 4 in 1 Tool with Pry, Sledge, Ram, & Rake 
Available with Straight, D or Fork Handle

The Broco UBT - Ultimate Breacher Tool - is designed with first responders in mind. The UBT is the first multi-purpose tool for law enforcement, military, and fire & rescue alike.  The Broco Ultimate Breacher Tool (UBT) is the one simple tool that combines four tools into one: a sledge, pry, ram and rake.  It is easy to carry and easy to use.  

The pry head of the Broco UBT is made of super strong, abrasion resistant AR500 steel. 

  • The pry tool portion of the UBT is tapered, angled, strong armor plate, and the tip can be used for lateral spreading.
  • The sledge is the head of the UBT and weighs eight lbs.; it can be used as a hammer to break, bend and open, and with a Halligan.
  • The UBT becomes a door ram when reversing the grip and swinging across the body.
  • The rake has been incorporated to the underside of the pry tool to allow efficient clearing of broken glass and other debris.

The UBT is offered with a "D" handle for law enforcement, a straight handle for SWAT and military customers, and a fork handle for fire crews. 

  • The "D" handle UBT is 24" long and weighs 14 lbs.  
  • The straight handle tool is 26" long and weighs 12 lbs.
  • The fork handle UBT is 29" long and weighs 14 lbs It has a fork handle can be chrome-plated.


The UBT-29F with the fork handle provides lock and chain-breaking capability, and makes working an inward opening door easier.  It is also available in chrome-plate. It is a simple, one man breaching set when used in combination with the Broco Jimmy Pry Bar. 
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