NEW & IMPROVED! EASYLIGHT 2™ 24" Cutting Rods    
Patent Pending 

Broco® is pleased to announce the new and improved Easylight 2™ 3/8" x 24" cutting rods!

Easylight 2 cutting rods are Broco's new and improved version of a cutting rod that can be ignited from a 9V battery, mechanical sparker or open flame. Rod ignitions are now even faster under the new patent pending design.

Designed by our research and development engineers, the Easylight 2 rods are constructed with the needs, operations and skills of the user at the forefront.  And, because it is a Broco rod, Easylight yields unequaled performance in terms of burn time, length of cut per rod, evenness of burn and minimal smoke. 

Easylight 2 cutting rods can also be ignited underwater using a 9V battery. 

Easylight 2 rods:

  • Easily ignite with the simplicity of a 9V battery, mechanical sparker or open flame
  • Eliminate the need for large and bulky batteries, the striker plate and cables 
  • Can be ignited underwater using a 9V battery
  • Burn long - for 1 minute, 30 seconds producing more cut per rod
  • Provide the lowest cost for enhanced ingition cutting rods available today
  • Contain no hazardous materials
  • Consume approximately 10 cu. ft of O2 per rod
  • Are easy to carry and easy to store
  • Can be shipped anywhere in the world 
  • Easylight 2 cutting rods are 24" long, 3/8" in diameter, and come in boxes of 25 

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Learn more about the New Easylight 2 Cutting Rods along with our SNAP™ Quick Connect System below.


View the rods in action here

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