Fire & Rescue

Fire & Rescue Solutions 

Broco Tactical forced entry and breaching tools are ideal for fire and rescue.  The new UBT-29F Ultimate Breacher Tool is designed specifically for firefighters - it has a fork handle to provide lock and chain-breaking capability and makes working an inward opening door easier.  It is also chrome-plated so is easier to see in dark or smoky spaces. 

All Broco UBT's combine four tools in one: sledge, pry, ram and rake.  It is the essential multi-purpose tool for first responders and is now available in three versions to serve fire & rescue, military and law enforcement.

Also available for fire & rescue are Broco Tactical's 60V Mini Breaching Saw Kit, Diamond Ripper and Mini Ripper Rescue Blades, Enforcer Door Rams, Jimmy Pry Bars, and the world renowned Broco Exothermic Cutting Torch and Prime-Cut Cutting Rods.

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