PMA Nickel Alloys

Protective Metal Alloys™ (PMA) offers Nickel Alloys for hardfacing rods and powders, brazing rods and powders, and brazing preforms.

PMA develops Nickel Alloys hardfacing rods and powders, (brazing rods and powders, brazing preforms) that offer:

  • self-fluxing alloys
  • high tensile strength
  • high melting point (brazing)
  • low melting point (hardfacing)
  • high corrosion resistance
  • high elasticity
  • low coefficient of friction

Nickel Hardfacing Alloys offered as PMA’s VERSAlloy® includes a family of Nickel based alloys which offer excellent corrosion, abrasive wear, and high temperature oxidation resistance.  Their low melting point (under 2000°F) enables overlays to be applied with minimal dilution and base metal distortion.

Alloys are self-fluxing and easily applied by OAW (Oxyacetylene), GTAW (Tig), SMAW (Coated Electrodes), PTA and flame spray on clean base metals.

Nickel alloys can be applied to most base metals, cast irons, steels, stainless steels, nickel and cobalt alloys, and others.

PMA’s unique sintered powder metallurgy process allows for manufacture of diameter rods from 0.031" (0.794mm) to .3125" (7.94 mm). 

PMA’s Nickel alloy family also includes VERSAlloy® Diamond Carbide which offers the ultimate in wear resistance.  It refers to a family of carbide mixed with Nickel Chromium Boron powders which optimizes wear and impact resistance.  It is available in rods, electrodes, and powders.

For information regarding PMA's Nickel Chrome alloys for the dental industry, please visit our Dental Alloys page.

For more information regarding PMA Nickel Alloys call Rankin PMA Sales at 800.845.7259 or 909.483.3222. 


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