PC/A-20 Port-A-Kut®



The Broco® PC/A-20 Port-A-Kut exothermic cutting system is a portable and powerful cutting tool.  This versatile kit is perfect for repairing heavy equipment at the shop and for use on maintenance trucks when and where ever needed.  It is the ideal tool for piercing seized pins, as well as any type of exotic metal dismantling, from aluminum to stainless to cast iron and manganese. 

The Broco® PC/A-20 Port-A-Kut kit includes the Broco® Industrial torch with 20 feet of 3/8" oxygen hose and power cable, striker plate assembly with 20 feet of power cable, safety goggles, welding gloves, Stix Pak® with 1/4"x18" sample rods, a 25 piece box of Broco Prime-Cut 3/8"x18" cutting rods, and 3/16", 1/4" 3/8" and 1/2" collets to fit every need.




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