GOWELD®USMC Portable MIG Welder

Broco's GOWELD®USMC is currently in use with the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, U.K. MOD, combat engineering, force protection and vehicle repair specialists.  GOWELD enables in-field welding capability by using a vehicle's own batteries as the power source.  Fast, temporary repairs allow for movement of military vehicles under their own power, reducing time and exposure to both personnel and hardware.

GOWELD®USMC is a 'spool gun' using wire electrode from a 4" spool housed within the welder body.  It can connect to the vehicle by way of a NATO Slave plug or conventional battery clamps.  GOWELD uses self-shielding flux-cored mild steel welding wire, gas-shielded steel welding wire, and gas-shielded aluminum welding wire.

The GOWELD® USMC Kit includes

  • GOWELD portale welder with 20' cable
  • 20' ground cable with clamp
  • Connector and adapter cable assembly
  • Battery clamp harness assembly
  • Spare parts set with contact tips, nozzle and insulator, and gas diffuser
  • Welding wire
  • Accessories and case

Learn more about how GOWELD®USMC provides greater flexibility for welders in GOWELD®'s product specifications.

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