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Broco offers training at no cost to law enforcement and military customers.  Training in the proper operation of Broco exothermic torches is conducted at our facility in Ontario, California.  All materials are provided.  Training topics covered include:

  • Basic oxygen safety
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Equipment orientation and set-up
  • Cutting techniques, including pull cutting, push cutting and piercing
  • Use of Broco® RapidFire cutting rod igniters
  • Target assessment and deployment 

Training duration is about one-half day for groups up to six people.  Certificates of completion are awarded at the end of the training.  Call Broco Customer Service at (909) 483-3222 to schedule training sessions.  

Broco exothermic torch training is also featured as part of broader spectrum breacher training from a number of private organizations, including 

Global Assets Integrated/Forced Entry Tactical Training (FETT)
Las Vegas, NV
(702) 838-3002


The Government Training Institute (GTI)
Barnwell, SC
(866) 938-5510 

Tactical Energetic Entry Systems
Horn Lake, MS
(901) 326-5223

National Security Associates
Columbus, GA
(877) 832-6672

National Safety Supply
Frederick, MD
(301) 668-3230

Law Enforcement basic breaching classes, with an introduction to exothermic torches, are also taught in Southern California by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department SEB, and Santa Ana Police SWAT/L.A. FBI SWAT.  Contact these organizations directly for upcoming class dates and enrollment opportunities.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
General Information
(323) 267-4848

Santa Ana Police Department
General Information
(714) 245-8665


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