Broco Tactical Breaching Gloves 

Broco Tactical offers two types of breaching gloves to protect hands while using tactical tools. Broco Tactical Gloves are engineered and designed to provide universal coverage and solid protection without sacrificing dexterity and tactility. Each glove series is designed to fulfill specific roles and ensure maximum performance in many applications. 

Heavy Breaching Glove

Broco's Heavy Breaching Glove stands up to slag and sparks, and provides maximum protection while punching through many obstacles. 

Shell: Cowhide Aniline 
Palm: Kevlar Protection 
Knuckles: with Kevlar Fingers
Back: Poly 
Carbonate with Eva foam base 
Lining: Polyester 

Tactical Breaching Glove 

Broco's Tactical Breaching Glove is a must for the everyday operator. It is lightweight, sturdy and versatile. This glove allows a wide range of movement, and the index finger tip and thumb finger tip fold back out of the way to provide the operator better feel and trigger control. 


Palm: Artificial Leather Amara (Polyester) 100% 
Back: Lycra ( Polyester ) 40% 
Artificial Leather Amara (Polyester) 30% 
Neoprene ( Polyester ) 20% 
Hard TPU Knuckle Protector 
Cuff: Neoprene  


Both gloves are available in Medium, Large and Extra Large sizes. Call Broco Tactical at 909.483.3222 for more information, or purchase now at

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