The Broco Breacher Training Door
Now Available with new Security Screen Door Emulator 


The new Broco Breacher Training Door is the most versatile training door on the market today.  The new Broco Breacher Training Door can be used freestanding and can be easily mounted into a container or a shoot house. Training breachers is an integral part of the overall breacher environment, and the Broco door provides a realistic, true to life training scenario. 

The Broco door is multi-function and is designed for breaching using

  • Rams
  • Pry bars 
  • Hydraulic tools 
  • Saws (cutting)  
  • Shotgun/ballistic 
  • Explosive strip charges 

The Broco Breacher Training Door is constructed with T1 heat treated steel.  Unlike many heavy breacher training doors in the marketplace, the Broco door's leading edge (working edge of the door) on the lock side is 1 3/4" thick -- real door standard -- making tool set and tool wrap the same as they would be on a target door.  Also, the Broco door frame dimensions, including the door inset (from the ram side), are designed to emulate working a real door.  The patent pending frame construction provides 'give' while prying like a real door as well. 


Features of the Broco Breacher Training Door include

  • A full door stop (both sides and top) mandates correct pry technique (outward opening) and provides anchor points for hydraulic tools (inward opening).
  • Removable center section (also patent pending) for inserting door props (cut down metal door sections, wooden door sections, 2x4’s) for saw training and shotgun/ballistic training.
  • Drop bar brackets
  • Base plate with low profile frame mounting fixture and drag handles. The Broco door does not have long support legs sticking out to hinder breacher or team movement.
  • Locks with a single 5/8” dowel for ram and explosive strip charge work. Weight of the door itself is about 260 lbs so a tougher lock is not needed to make it feel like a heavy residential door. One or two stakes can be inserted to make resistance greater for ramming if desired.
  • Three locks for stakes (top, middle, bottom) for pry practice and using hydraulic tools. Uses readily available and inexpensive wooden stakes and dowels as consumables.
  • Removable plywood overlay for the ram strike plate to reduce impact shock to the operator.
  • Asymmetric channel frame with predrilled holes/slots in the outer flange for easy mounting in a container or shoot house. 

Now available is the new Security Screen Door Emulator as an accessory. This security screen door can be purchased by itself and mounted on a container or shoot house or other structure that already has a 36" wide door. If your team is paying for screen doors for training that can stop now - this option will save money.

Operators who have used the new security screen emulator say it's a game changer. It pries from both sides (left hand outward, right hand outward), supports vehicle peels, and vehicle pulls (total breakaway). Realistic action is the objective - the screen is cut from T1 steel so it has flex like a real door, can gap and wedge, and it always comes back to shape

For more information and pricing, please call Broco Customer Relations at 800.845.7259.

Broco Breacher Training Door Flyer 



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