Burn Longer and Cut More with 
Broco Prime-Cut® PLUS Advanced Design Cutting Rods

Broco has long been recognized for manufacturing the longest burning cutting rods in the industry and these new Prime-Cut PLUS rods can do even more! 

Broco's Prime-Cut PLUS Advanced Design cutting rods offer the same high quality our customers have come to rely on! But now, thanks to Broco innovation, you can achieve more with 20% longer burn time and 25% more cutting per rod. That means fewer rod changes, less heat loss between changes, and more high performance output.

With oxygen pressure at 65 psi, the advanced design 3/8" x 18" rods average 60-65 seconds burn time while cutting one inch thick mild steel.
In addition, the advanced design allows the rods to consistently burn more uniformly and evenly than any other rods on the market, offering exceptional Broco quality with increased performance and value to the customer.


Broco Prime-Cut PLUS cutting rods are available in 3/8" diameter in 18" and 36" lengths.


Broco's advanced design 3/8" x 18" cutting rods average 10-15 seconds more burn time than previous generation cutting rods.  Longer burning time and more cutting make Broco rods a great value! Call Broco Customer Service at (800) 845-7259 to order.  




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