Welders, Maintenance and Repair Specialists
Depend on GOWELD®
for On-Site, High Quality Welds

GOWELD keeps maintenence and repair professionals ready to perform by enabling users with: 

  • Permanent, high quality welds
  • Fast and easy set ups which save time and money
  • More repair capabilities able to be performed in the field and right at the jobsite
  • Lower overhead and no transportation headaches because it's portable welding equipment

GOWELD's new technology provides professional welders and metal repair, maintenance, and installation specialists with a portable, powerful, battery-powered welding solution. Our innovative design yields high quality, permanent welds that can be made almost anywhere in even the most rigorous conditions. HVAC technicians, miners, utility workers, ornamental iron specialists, heavy equipment maintenance teams and those responsible for all types of metal repair, maintenance, and installation will find it is built to last in the industrial environment.

To meet the challenges of today's varied welding assignments, welders benefit from up to 20 plus minutes of arc time, the ability to join a wide-range of materials, and accomplish large and small welding jobs away from traditional power sources. Controls are at the welder's fingertips and with an inverter power source or generator, It's so easy to handle and an extremely precise spool gun.

An on-board computer gives welders more control resulting in more precise welds in all environments and an optical encoder for true speed control from zero to 1,100 inches per minute yields the least speed variance for more consistent welds. This portable welder offers a heavy-duty, high-torque industrial motor with automatic motor overheat protection and battery over-discharge protection.

GOWELD has a maximum power rating of 42 volts DC and 200+ amps current achieving excellent joint penetration on plates as thick as one inch and boasts an all metal, die cast chassis for strength and support of the motor drive assembly, trigger micro-switch, gas valve, circuit board and wire spool. A handle-mounted micro switch and integral gas valve operate directly off the trigger and offers the ability to pre-flow and post-flow shielding gas.

With just two-twelve volt batteries GOWELD users can conveniently Go Anywhere, Weld Anywhere!® It is the most versatile portable welder available today.  

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