The Rancher & Farmers Onsite Repair Solution

GOWELD delivers more amps, more duty-cycle time, handles more volts, accommodates more wire sizes than traditional consumer welders and is highly portable.

Here are the top 5 reasons ranchers and farmers depend on GOWELD:

  • No AC power needed
  • Repair heavy equipment
  • Weld it where you need it, including aluminum
  • Repair fences, metal buildings
  • Fast and easy setup

GOWELD is a highly portable welder that provides greater flexibility for accomplishing large or small welding jobs away from traditional welding power sources: in the field, the barn, processing plants and more. With GOWELD and two twelve volt batteries, metal repair and maintenance tasks can be accomplished just about anywhere.

GOWELD is designed for use in rigorous environments and for a wide variety of applications where welding is more easily and successfully completed away from the shop, a welding generator or inverter power source.

Typical tasks made easier by GOWELD include repairing or replacing damaged or worn-down heavy equipment such as tractors, buckets, blades, and trailers, building up implements, fixing cattle guards, gates and fencing, repairing and maintaining irrigation systems, pipes, containers and conveyances - almost any metal and repair maintenance called for on the farm or at the ranch.

GOWELD can be used in dual modes, either with battery power or as a spool gun with constant voltage inverter.

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