Hot Rod & Off Road Enthusiasts Love GOWELD!

GOWELD delivers more amps, more duty-cycle time, handles more volts, accommodates more wire sizes than traditional consumer welders and is highly portable – no AC power needed.

Here are the top 5 reasons why GOWELD is great for on-the-go welding:

  • Make permanent repairs
  • Fix four wheelers on the trail
  • Customize cars at the shop
  • Make fast repairs at the track
  • Fast and easy setup

Selected by Popular Mechanics for its Editors Choice Award, GOWELD brings a new solution to on-the-go welding.  Auto and truck maintenance and repair specialists and metal enthusiasts with customizing plans, big buildup jobs or maintenance and repair challenges find welding with GOWELD fast and easy.

GOWELD is so portable and flexible it can keep up with the most extreme adventure seekers. 
The highly portable welding system creates greater flexibility for accomplishing large or small welding jobs away from traditional welding power sources or at the shop as an easy to handle spool gun with constant voltage output. With GOWELD and two twelve volt batteries, metal repair and maintenance tasks can be accomplished just about anywhere -- in the garage, on the road or on the trail.

GOWELD belongs in every off-roader's and pit crew’s toolbox. Here's why:

Typical jobs are made easier by GOWELD. They include

  • Custom fabrication
  • Buildup jobs
  • Swapping parts 
  • Repairs to axles, drive train, drive shaft, motor mounts, rocker panels and suspensions
  • Other key components in need of repair or ongoing maintenance. 

GOWELD can be used in dual modes, either with battery power or as a spool gun with a constant voltage output.

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