Rankin Industries™ Hardfacing 



Rankin® engineers solutions that offer quality, consistency and reliability in the design, formulation, and manufacture of build-up and hardfacing products.

Rankin Industries is a specialty formulator and manufacturer of high-quality hardfacing products and metal alloys for specialized maintenance, OEM, repair industries, and commercial and industrial applications worldwide. The company also offers expert custom alloys capabilities.

Rankin Protective Metal Alloys division of Rankin Industries produces a range of specialty alloy and wear-resistant products including hardfacing alloys, and a selection of specialty brazing preforms, and build-up and overlay products, and dental alloys. The division serves a wide range of industries, from petrochemical and power generation to tool & die, rubber, mining and many more, with more than 275 products and industrial alloys from aluminum to zirconium.

Rankin is led by a team of industry experts and service professionals who share a commitment to superior quality, service, and cost-effective welding solutions.  Rankin is based in Ontario, California, and serves customers worldwide.

Our processes for manufacturing Rankin hardfacing products are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Call the Rankin Sales and Customer Relations team at (800) 845-7259 for questions and more information, and feel free to email us at sales@rankin.com

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