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We get it.

At Broco, Inc. and Rankin Industries we are committed to engineering and manufacturing superior products that deliver quality performance, and listening to our clients and users and providing professional customer service. We have a long history of innovation and product breakthroughs, yet we never stop searching for new ways to do things better. 

Broco, Inc. sets the world standard in underwater exothermic cutting and welding with advanced torches, stingers, rods and electrodes - designed by divers for divers. We share our exothermic expertise in the industrial maintenance and repair sectors with portable torches and kits made to make repair, cutting, piercing and gouging jobs faster and easier. 

Broco, Inc. is also a leader in providing military, special forces, first responders, law enforcement and fire & rescue units with practical, tactical forced-entry and rescue, repair and recovery tools.  Our products are used around the world to protect our protectors.

Rankin Industries designs, formulates and manufactures hardfacing and build-up products to extend the use of expensive heavy equipment, as well as a range of alloys and brazing preforms for precision industries. Rankin products are used for maintenace and repair and wear protection in light and heavy industries, including drilling, energy, mining and agriculture.

Broco, Inc. and Rankin Industries corporate headquarters are based in Ontario, California, and most products are available through a global network of distributors around the world.  For further information and product availability, please visit our Distributors List pages, and call us at (909) 483-3222.




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