Two-Axis Automated Welding/MIG Carbide Machine
With 60 Programmable Weld Passes!



A new solution for increasing machinery part-life and slashing operating downtime, the Two-Axis Automated Welding/MIG Carbide Machine, offers a range of processes to apply hardfacing and weld materials. Extend part service life on new and worn heavy machinery including wearplate and metal-to-earth and metal-to-metal equipment used in mining, construction, agriculture, petrochemical and processing industries.

Rankin Automation™ offers equipment that automates what may now be manual MIG Carbide processes and offers a wide-range of application options, including several automatic weld position features and programmable automatic stepover and start/stop weld points.

Special Features of the Two-Axis Automated Welding/MIG Carbide Machine

  • 60 programmable weld passes
  • Programmable weld pattern
  • Touch panel HMI (Human Machine Interface)
  • 6 inch color LCD display
  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)
  • Up to five retained weld programs
  • Digital display for wire speed, travel speed, and step distance
  • Push button gas purge
  • One button Start/Stop
  • 800 amp water-cooled torch standard
  • Auto wire stick out control option
  • Motorized vertical slide
  • Movable floor stand mounted operator control panel
  • Axes travel distances -- X: 8.5 feet/Y: 2.0 feet/Z: 10 inches
  • 4 drive roll wire feeder
  • Touch and Teach Programming
  • Multi-process options including flame cutting, flame spray, sub arc, and TIG

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