NEW! The SMARTBANDER Portable Drill Pipe Hardbanding Machine 
U.S. Patent 10,260,291

Rankin® Automation introduces “The SMARTBANDER”™, a new patent pending transportable hardbander for the drilling industry.  The SMARTBANDER Is a smaller, fully functional, stand-alone hardbander that can be transported by trailer or in the back of a pickup truck.  The SMARTBANDER services drill pipe and tubing from 2 3/8 to 5 7/8 inches in diameter (6 inches OD).  

The SMARTBANDER saves operator time and money.  It is different from traditional hardbanders in that it uses Rankin’s newly designed patent pending compact system instead of a headstock rotator for rotating the pipe.  This makes the SMARTBANDER lighter and easier to transport than other hardbanders.  It can be used in the field, in a shop, or at a maintenance facility.   

The SMARTBANDER is the perfect addition to oilfield inspection services companies, drill pipe rental companies, start-up hardbanding companies, and current hardbanding companies in need of new equipment.  It weighs less than 2,000 pounds and has a footprint of 42 X 72 inches.  

It includes

  • manually adjustable torch height
  • automatic step over
  • hydraulic lift mechanism
  • water cooled torch
  • internal fume extraction system

The SMARTBANDER operates with a user-provided power supply and air compressor, and has a storage rack for two type T weld gas bottles.  Like other Rankin Automation hardbanding systems, accessories such as preheaters and cooling cans are also available as well as complete turnkey systems. 

The new Rankin Automation SMARTBANDER is ideal for quick repairs in the field, remote locations where larger systems cannot travel, as back-up equipment for larger hardbanding operations, and large production operations. 

For more information, call the Rankin Sales team at 800.845.7259.    




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