Rankin® Automation Multi-Process Welding Kits

Rankin Automation's Multi-Process Welding Kits perform multiple functions and processes from one base unit - the Rankin Automation Two Axis Automated Welding Machine.  The new kits can be used for welding, joining, cutting, hardfacing and fabrication.

New Open Arc Welding Kit is designed for hardfacing processes without using shielding gas and flux-cored wire.


New Submerged Arc Welding Kit provides clean welds with no spatter or arc flash.


The Rankin Automation Two Axis Automated Welding Machine, with optional rotating positioner.


MIG Carbide Application Kit, including the Rankin Automation Vibratory Carbide Feeder, is ideal for the bulk application of tungsten carbide and other hardfacing processes.


New Oxy-Fuel Straight Line Cutting Kit is designed for general edge preparation.


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