Hardbanding Trailer Systems for the Drilling Industry

Rankin® Automation has specialized systems for applying tough tungsten carbide overlays or high hardness, high toughness smoothbanding alloys to a wide variety of drilling equipment subject to downhole abrasion. The system improves downhole performance and part life. Drill collars, stabilizers, flights, tool joints, and scrapers will benefit from extended operating time thereby improving bottom-line performance.

  • Systems are total turnkey, fully-equipped and ready to tow and weld
  • Offering both Thru-Hole cross load and Tool Joint end load designs; Thru-Hole model is rated to loads of 10,000 lbs. and up to 11 inch pipe O.D.
  • Fully automatic and programmable weld cycle with data logging of amps/volts, temperature, and process time.  
  • Fully integrated hydraulic jacks and control system
  • Water cooled proprietary weld torch
  • Fume extractor and arc shield system
  • State-of-the-art PLC control and operator interface
  • Technical support and Engineering team
  • Optional RanCUT weld removal system 
  • Buyer's choice of length, height, jack stands, power source and other options

Rankin® Automation offers a range of standard and custom field-based and shop-based hardfacing and buildup systems that are cost efficient and practical in design.

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