Easily Collect Unused Carbide &
Reduce Expensive Waste with Rankin's
MIG Carbide Welding Table

Designed for use with the Rankin® Automation MIG Carbide Vibratory Feeder, the new MIG Carbide Welding Table has a trough around the perimeter of the table top to collect unused carbide and reduce waste of expensive material.  The Vibratory Feeder unit is mounted on top of a pneumatically actuated lift mechanism providing optimal access to the hopper for refilling.  Simply connect a compressed air supply to the included air control to raise and lower the unit on demand.


The size of the MIG Carbide Welding Table's table top can be customized from 3x4' to as much as 7x4'.   Call the experts at Rankin Automation for ordering details at 800-845-7259.



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