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August 29, 2013
Rankin Showcases Hardbanding Trailer at OTC 2013

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA (June 2013) – Rankin Automation, part of Rankin Industries®, showcased its Advanced Transportable Hardbanding Trailer at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, Texas, last month. The transportable trailer is the top of the line of the Rankin family of hardbanding systems improving productivity through efficiency by reducing pipe movement and servicing costs associated with hardbanding. A self-contained unit that brings the flexibilities found in stationary units to the job site and oil field locations, the Rankin transportable trailer.

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December 21, 2011
Performance and Safety Evolve -- Broco® Introduces New BR-22 PLUS Cutting Torch

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA (December 21, 2011) - Broco, Inc., the world leader in underwater cutting and welding systems, introduces the next generation BR-22 PLUS Cutting Torch, patent pending.

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January 18, 2011
New Forced Entry Options Introduced by Broco® at the Las Vegas SHOT Show

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA (JANUARY 18, 2011) – Broco® Inc. used the SHOT Show venue in Las Vegas to launch a new suite of forced entry systems for law enforcement, military, and other first responders. Included in the new options for breachers are the Broco Rhino™ security door puller, the Crow’s Foot-3 Spreader (CF-3) and the 'SAS' Breacher. The products follow the company’s introduction last fall of the Broco Blower® forced entry system. Broco ‘s Tactical division now boasts a full range of forced entry options including mechanical, saw, thermal, and dynamic hydraulics.

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January 18, 2011
Broco® Inc. New Forced Entry Products Fact Sheet

Broco Rhino™ Door Puller

The Broco Rhino™ is a one-man security screen door puller. Its large point penetrates screens to hook behind lock plates and the slide action breaks doors, locks, and jambs.
•    Designed by a SWAT breacher
•    Spike, twist, and pull hard!
•    All steel welded construction: 34" long (54" extended) and weighs 38 lbs.

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November 2, 2010
Rankin Industries® Offers Trio of New Oil Industry Products

NOVEMBER 2, 2010 (RANCHO CUCAMONG, CA) – A trio of new products from Rankin Industries® will benefit oil industry maintenance and repair operations with new weld applications and weld removal options. Rankin’s new alloys include Complex Integrated Microstructure - 7 (CIM-7), a nano-crystalline structure that resists virtually any abrasive materials and is specially designed to be used on tool joints, and NON-MAG 1™, a metal cored sub arc wire containing Nickel, Chrome, Manganese, and Silicon that’s micro structure is fully austenitic and non-magnetic and is designed to band non-magnetic down hole tools and equipment. Completing the new M&R package is RanCUT™, an arc cut wire designed to remove hardfacing deposits without air assist.

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September 22, 2010
Broco® Introduces Silent Door Blower Forced Entry System with 10 Tons of Force

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA (SEPTEMBER 22, 2010) – Broco Tactical, a division of Broco, Inc., introduces the Broco Door Blower, a powerful new forced entry system for first responders and tactical teams.  This new hydraulic/pneumatic door opener features 10 tons of explosive power.  The Broco Door Blower is a hydraulic jamb spreader supporting a steel-reinforced high pressure bag. Compressed air from a small cylinder powers the dynamic component.  The Broco Door Blower packs the power of explosives without the liability.

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November 15, 2009
Rankin Automation™ Introduces Two-Axis Automated Welding/MIG Carbide Machine

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (November 15, 2009) – A new solution for increasing machinery partlife and slashing operating downtime, the Two-Axis Automated Welding/MIG Carbide Machine, debuted at the AWS FABTECH show this week in Chicago.

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August 4, 2009
Fight Part Wear Caused by Abrasion, Impact, Heat and More with Rantube

SAN DIEGO, CA (August 4, 2009) – Rankin Industries’ Rantube, a premium large diameter tubular hardfacing electrode, combats part wear in heavy industry caused by severe abrasion, erosion, impact, and heat. Rantube deposition rates are up to 6.5 pounds per hour for the 7/16” (11mm) size. The ¼” electrode is designed for all position welding and can be used at low amperage to hardface thin edges on tillage tools and similar parts.

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July 28, 2009
Enforcer™, the First Door Ram With LED Lights for Target Illumination and Maximum Impact In One-Man Door Ram Introduced by Broco® Tactical

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA (JULY 28, 2009) Broco® Tactical has added two new forced entry tools, the Broco ENFORCER™ series one-man door rams, to its options for forced entry by tactical teams and first responders. ENFORCER™ and BABY ENFORCER™ rams are the first with LED lights for target illumination and accurate impact placement.

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April 22, 2009
Lee Baker Hired as Director of Sales by Rankin® Industries™

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA (April 22, 2009) – R. L. (Lee) Baker has joined Rankin Industries as Director of Sales. Baker is a recognized hardfacing and high alloy welding products expert. He brings worldwide experience to his role at Rankin Industries where he will be responsible for global sales of the full range of Rankin consumables and automation equipment.

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