Broco® SNAP Quick Connect Cutting Rod System

Broco®, the forced entry torch leader, introduces the new SNAP Quick Connect Cutting Rod System.  The system accommodates 3/8" and 1/2" diameter standard cutting rods, and retrofits to all Broco torches.  New SNAP fittings are attached to the end of Broco Cutting Rods and then inserted into a coupler at the torch head.  Remove the rod stubs from the fittings after burning and use them again and again.

  • Cutting rods press into SNAP fittings by hand
  • A simple push into the coupler on the torch, twist to remove 
  • Fastest way to change rods
  • Eliminates oxygen leaks
  • Eliminates rods from sticking in collets
  • Rod fittings reusable 

Advantages for the quick connect system are speed, positive engagement, no oxygen leaks, and easy rod removal.  Call Broco Tactical at 800.845.7259 for ordering information and questions.


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