Rankin PMA Composite Rod – DC40 100 Grade

The Rankin PMA Composite Rod DC40 100 Grade is a tungsten carbide rod with a nickel chromium matrix.  The coarse, angular carbide chunks provide multiple cutting edges for drilling, cutting, and fishing tools. 


This Composite Rod is used primarily in the oil drilling and exploration, mining and geothermal industries.  It consists of coarse tungsten carbide particles in a nickel chromium matrix resulting in high tensile strength.  The matrix maintains its cutting and abrading integrity in environments in excess of 1,000˚F. 

The Rankin PMA Composite Rod is available in two grades.  Cutting grade uses large, sharp carbide particles ideal for use on stabilizers, fishing tools and drill bits.  Wear grade uses smaller mesh fractions of carbide for protection against earth abrasion on stabilizers and composite drill bits.

Rankin PMA Composite Rod Advantages

·        self-fluxing

·        nickel chromium matrix – does not contain nickel silver

·        less fumes than nickel silver rods

·        easier to apply than nickel silver rods

The Rankin PMA Composite Rod can be applied by oxyacetylene or TIG processes.

For questions and ordering information, call Rankin PMA at 800.845.7259 or 909.483.3222.  


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