RanoBand™ 5 

General Description
Rankin's RanoBand™ 5 is a general purpose hardfacing alloy, which provides a good balance of abrasion and impact resistance. It can be used for metal-to-metal friction applications as well as metal-to-earth abrasion.

Typical Applications
Oil drilling equipment, mining parts, metal-to-metal construction parts, dredge components, extruder screws and agricultural tillage tools.

Welding Parameters
Diameter              1/16"           0.045"
Current                DCRP           DCRP
Amperage            175-350       150-250
Voltage                24-28          22-26
Shielding Gas       Mix gas        Mix gas (98% Ar, 2% O2)
Wire Extension     1/2" - 1"      1/2" - 3/4"

Deposit Characteristics
Hardness (two layers)     HRC 55-60
Abrasion Resistance        Good
Impact Resistance          Good
Adhesive Resistance       Good
Machinability                 Grinding only
Thickness                      2-3 layers recommended
(multiple layers with proper procedures)
Deposit Cross Check       No


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