RanMIG™ Carbide

Composite Welds with Tungsten Carbide

RanMIG Carbide Overlay

General Description
Tungsten carbide particles dispersed into a molten weld metal matrix to form a highly wear resistant deposit, especially suited for ground engagement tools. We recommend Rankin's tough iron base or nickel base wire for the matrix wire.

Typical Applications
Oil industry: drilling tools, tool joints and drill collars. Mining equipment, construction equipment, and agriculture equipment.

Welding Parameters
Diameter     1/16" Ranomatic 969-G or Ranomatic R-100
Current     DCRP
Amperage     275 - 300
Voltage     28 - 31
Shielding Gas     ARO2 or AR
Wire Extension     3/4" - 1" (Oscillated Beads)
Grit Mesh Size     #5 to #40 (Rankin Vibratory Feeder)
Big Rocks (#8 - #10), Mining (#16 - #30)

Deposit Characteristics
Hardness (two layers)     HRC 40-62 (depends on matrix wire chemistry)
Recommend 969-G, R-100
Abrasion Resistance     Superior
Impact Resistance     Moderate
Retains Properties to     1100°F
Adhesive Resistance     Good
Machinability     Grinding only (use 24 grit cup wheel)
Thickness     1 layer, can use 2+ layers with procedure
(multiple layers with proper procedures)
Deposit cross check     Oscillated beads best
Stringer beads OK

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