Rankin Industries has introduced NON-MAG 1™, a metal cored sub arc wire containing Nickel, Chrome, Manganese, and Silicon that's microstructure is fully austenitic and non-magnetic and is designed to band non-magnetic down hole tools and equipment.

Applications for NON-MAG 1™ include down hole survey equipment that is non-magnetic such as drill collars, and directional drill heads where they house sensitive electronic equipment to find locations or mapping.

Welding Parameters
Diameter     1/16"
Amperage     275-300 (WFS 290-300 ipm)
Voltage      30-31 DCRP (Electrode Positive)
Sub-Arc     Use Lincoln 880 or 801 flux
Wire Extension     1.0" - 1.250" x 1" wide osc beads
Torch Angle     20 degrees x 7/8" (BTDC) lead distance
Travel Speed     13-15 ipm

Deposit Characteristics
Hardness (two layers)     HRC 18-22
Abrasion Resistance     Excellent
Impact Resistance     Very High
Coefficient of Friction     Low
Machinability     60-65 SFM
Thickness     1-2 layers OK
(multiple layers with proper procedures)
Deposit Appearance     No cracking/very ductile/non-magnetic

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