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Rankin Automation Showcases Advanced Transportable Hardbanding Trailer

At Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, TX



RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA (June 2013) – Rankin Automation, part of Rankin Industries®, showcased its Advanced Transportable Hardbanding Trailer at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, Texas, last month. The transportable trailer is the top of the line of the Rankin family of hardbanding systems improving productivity through efficiency by reducing pipe movement and servicing costs associated with hardbanding. A self-contained unit that brings the flexibilities found in stationary units to the job site and oil field locations, the Rankin transportable trailer


  • Improves downhole and bottom line performance through the utilization of Rankin Automation proprietary and field tested hardware and software
  • Makes operations easy and adaptable to multiple field requirements
  • Includes RANTRAK® Quality Assurance software package (optional) to monitor and collect data points linked to specific job and customer requirements, an efficiency improvement through onsite data analysis
  • Reduces overall operational costs by providing multi-function capability and removal of existing hardbands before application of new bands through RanCUT cut wire system
  • Provides peace of mind knowing that all units are supported by the professional service and engineering team at Rankin Automation


Rankin Automation is committed to providing hardbanding systems that are fully integrated, easy to operate and designed to meet the needs of the drilling industry. In addition to the advanced trailer system, Rankin manufactures shop-based, skid-mounted, container-mounted and compact trailer hardbanding systems. Rankin is dedicated to finding solutions that meet customer needs and can also provide custom units for special requirements.


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